Norman Chigier: Remembering a Visionary Leader of the Atomization and Sprays Community

Obituary — Professor Norman Chigier: Remembering a Visionary Leader of the Atomization and Sprays Community

The atomization and sprays research communities from around the world are saddened for the loss of Professor Norman Chigier, who was a great colleague, visionary leader, and dear friend to the Institute of Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems (ILASS International). Professor Chigier passed away in Pittsburgh on August 22, 2022, after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease. Professor Chigier made significant scientific contributions to the fields of energy, combustion science, and atomization and sprays for over half a century. His distinguished academic footprints can be found in major universities and research centers across Europe, the Americas, and Asia. After retiring from Carnegie Mellon University, Professor Chigier remained active in serving all regions of the ILASS community.

Professor Chigier made tireless effort to create and build ILASS communities worldwide. He was the only person to serve twice as the President of ILASS International, first from 1992 to 1994 and again from 2001 to 2003. He was also elected as the conference chairman of ICLASS (International Conference of Atomization and Spray Systems) in 1991 and 2000. He founded the flagship journal of ILASS International, Atomization and Sprays, in 1991 and remained as the editor-in-chief to bring high quality research papers to the journal for nearly two decades. This international journal remains an authoritative platform for researchers to present their high quality research and review papers in the science, application, and utilization of atomization and spray technology. Professor Chigier was also a dynamic speaker, greatly admired by his audience. He was well known for his spontaneous sense of humor and amazing memories when delivering keynotes and distinguished lectures at workshops and conferences. Professor Chigier seized any opportunity to engage himself with young researchers and graduate students in ICLASS and ILASS regional conferences. As a life-long educator, he always challenged developing researchers to make scientific impacts to the field of atomization and sprays.

In the past weeks, many colleagues in our organization from all regions have expressed their sincere condolences to Professor Chigier's family with their sentiments and memories. They wrote obituaries and memorial articles, and discussed special ways to honor his great contributions and significant influences to the spray and combustion communities, such as dedicated sessions in next ICLASS and ILASS regional conferences and a special issue of the Atomization and Sprays journal.

The ILASS International honors the distinguished accomplishments and life-long contributions of Professor Norman Chigier to the atomization and sprays communities worldwide.

September 5, 2022