ILASS International: The Institutes for Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems

Lefebvre Award: Committee Chairs and Awardees

The Arthur Henry Lefebvre Award is presented for distinguished, continuing, and encouraging contributions to the field of atomization and sprays.

Chairs of the Lefebvre Award Committees

Antonio Cavaliere (in Kyoto, Japan, 2006)
Oskar Haidn (in Vail, CO, USA, 2009)
Oskar Haidn (in Heidelberg, Germany, 2012)
Eva Gutheil (in Tainan, Taiwan, 2015)
Eva Gutheil (in Chicago, IL, USA, 2018)
Udo Fritsching (in Edinburgh, Scotland, 2021)

     Professor A.H. Lefebvre

Winners of the Arthur H. Lefebvre Award