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Why should you join ILASS?


Spray technology is used across a wide range of industries and is the focus of ongoing research at many distinguished institutions. From gas turbines, rockets, and diesel engines to agriculture, environmental usage, coatings and fire suppression, you’ll have access to a technical community of 950 members dedicated to the science of sprays.

By becoming a member of ILASS, you’ll gain a comprehensive view of what’s happening wherever spray technology is used — and share in the collaborative nature of our Institute — one that embraces experimental, theoretical, practical, and computational models to advance innovation in this field. You’ll have access to technical resources, networking opportunities, and a publishing channel with Atomization and Sprays; The Journal of the International Institutes for Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems.

We welcome researchers, scientists, academics, industrial practitioners, laypeople, and students. We meet annually at our spring conference but remain connected throughout the year. Many of our founding members are still active.

We're currently creating a new, more secure way to become a member of ILASS, which will be posted on this page when available.

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