Technical Committees

A critical part of shaping the technical program and overall direction of ILASS-Americas is the technical committees. The technical committees meet at each annual meeting with the goals of (1) identifying appropriate and timely technical session topics and speakers, (2) identifying suitable invited speakers for upcoming meetings, and (3) identifying relevant panel session topics (and speakers) to open the technical meeting on the first evening. The technical committees also undertake initiatives such as collection and posting of relevant reference material on the website, development of position documents, and creation of topical papers. These committees are open to any ILASS-Americas member with interest in the committee topic. If you are interested in participating, please contact the committee chair or plan to join the discussion at the upcoming annual meeting.


Computational and Modeling

Xiaoyi Li
United Technologies Research Center

Fabien Evrard
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Physics of Atomization

Alan Kastengren
Argonne National Laboratory

Mario Trujillo
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Reciprocating Engine Injection (REI)

Lyle Pickett
Sandia National Laboratories

Roberto Torelli
Argonne National Laboratory

Aerospace Propulsion
and Power

Ethan Hanson
Advanced Atomization
Technologies, LLC

Brandon Sforzo
Argonne National Laboratory

Industrial and Agricultural Sprays

Michael Cloeter
Dow Chemical (retired)

Andy Thistle
mdot Technologies

Spray Measurements and Instrumentation

Chad Sipperley
Step 2 Consulting

Julien Manin
Sandia National Laboratories