Young Professional and Student Outreach

ILASS is especially dedicated to the development of talented young engineers and students and we welcome their participation in our community. We offer travel grants to attend our conferences and acknowledge scientific achievement through the Harold C. Simmons and W.R. Marshall Awards.

Your membership and involvement bring networking and mentoring opportunities unparalleled in the field of spray innovation.

“Belonging to ILASS first as a student and then as a young professional has been a very rewarding experience. Attending the yearly meetings has resulted in valuable connections with researchers outside of my field that I would not have met without ILASS.”
– S. Kokjohn, PhD

“Being involved in ILASS has given me access to a well-balanced community, with a good distribution between academia and industry. The ability to be in close contact with industry partners through ILASS provides grounding in my academic research, and allows the community to better focus on the most relevant questions. Similarly, the ILASS community shows a healthy balance between experimental and computational researchers, and has always been proactively putting student members forward. When I was a Ph.D. student, I always felt that attending ILASS meetings was an efficient way to keep abreast of the latest developments in the area of atomization and sprays.”
– O. Desjardins, PhD

“ILASS has allowed me to meet, face to face, the many past/present/future spray researchers in the United States, and internationally, through ICLASS. ILASS has provided a venue for me to present my own research work as well as see and learn about the amazing work of others in the spray research community. This has led to many new friendships and cooperative research efforts that would not have been possible without ILASS.”
– K. Bade PhD Candidate