1st ILASS-Americas 1987 in Madison, WI

Recent Conference Papers

Program - May 1987
Session I: Instrumentation and Nozzle Testing

The Testing and Characterization of Spray Nozzles:
The Manufacturer's Viewpoint

    R. V. Jones, J. R. Lehtinen and J. H. Gaag

Spatial and Temporal Concepts in the Characterization of Liquid Particle Size Distributions
    R. V. Tate

Droplet Sizing and Counting Limitations of PMS Probes
    D. Baumgardner

Comparison of Droplet Sizing Measurements Using Video Image Analysis vs. a Laser Spectrometer Imaging Device
    D. M. Tulenko and M. A. Sandell

Detailed Measurements in Sprays With Laser Probes
    N. A. Chigier

A Critical Evaluation of the Aerometrics Phase/Doppler Particle Analyzer
    L. G. Dodge

Multiple Scattering Effects in Laser Diffraction Measurements of Dense Sprays With Bi-Modal Size Distributions
    O. L. Giilder

The Influence of Particle Size on the Measurement of Turbulence Characteristics in Two Phase Flows
    C. A. Obringer, G. L. Switzer, A. S. Nejad and T. A. Jackaon

Session II - Combustion and Fuel Nozzles
Gas Turbine Airblast Fuel Injector Development
    R. S. Tuthill

Influence of Nozzle Geometry on Coal-Water Slurry Atomization
    K. E. Knell and P. E. Sojka

An Evaluation of Atomizer Symmetry Based on Photography, Patternation, Laser Diffraction, and Laser Interferometry
    V. G. McDonell, C. D, Cameron and G. S. Samuelsen

Spray Characteristics of Airburst Atomizers of Different Designs
    N. K. Rizk

2-D Visualization of Liquid Fuel Injection in an Internal Combustion Engine
    P. C. Felton, J. Mantzaras, and F. V. Bracco

Examination of Liquid Fuel Spray Structure Using Laser Diagnostics
    C. Presser, A. K. Gupta end H. G. Semerjian

Generating Mono-Dispersed and Poll-Dispersed Tunable Sprays Using Both Impulse Jet and Electro-Static Charging Techniques
    K,J. Choi

Optimum Ignition Regions in Combustors
    G. Kraemer

Session III - Modeling and Theoretical Atomization Processes
On the Behavior of Droplet Clusters
    J. Bellan and K. Harstad

Structure of Large Scale Pressure Atomized Sprays
    C. Ruff, A. D. Sagar and C. M. Faeth

A Parametric Analysis of High Speed Atomization
    F. Ruiz and N. A. Chigier

Modeling of Atomization Processes in Dense High Pressure Sprays
    R. D. Reitz

Theory of Renormalized Droplet-Law of Droplet Vaporization Rate Under Short Range Droplet Interactions
    H. H. Chiu

Mathematical Models of Mixing and Atomization
    D. E. Dictrich

Atomization of a Liquid Jet
    S. P. Lin and D. J. Kang

Session IV - Industrial Spray Processes, Drying and Heat Transfer
Research Needs: Industrial Spray Processes, Spray Drying and Heat Transfer
    W. S. Janna

The Development and Applications of a Monodispersed Spray System
    S.-C. Yao

Industrial Spray Drying Systems
    F. A. Aiken, J. C. Lotz and M. B. Schranz
Fluorescent Visualization Systems for Hydrocarbon Sprays
    L. A. Melton

Measurements of Spray Characteristics of Pressure-Swirl Effervescent Nozzles
    J. Whitlow, A. H. Lefebvre and J. Rollbuhler