2nd ILASS-Americas 1988 in Pittsburgh, PA

Recent Conference Papers

Program - May, 1988



1. Mean Drop Sizes from a Spill-Return Atomizer.
    X.F. Dal and A.H. Lefebvre.

2. Spray Characteristics of Air-Assist Atomizers.
    N.K. Rizk and H.C. Mongia.

3. Spray Characteristics of a Research Air-Assist Atomizer.
    C. Presser. H. G. Semerjian, and A.K. Gupta.

4. Effect of Fuel Viscosity on the Minimum Useful Spray Point of Simplex Nozzles.
    H.C. Simmons and R. Jones.

5. Fluttering in Airblast Atomizer Sprays.
    C.-P. Mao, and J.R. Klemm.

6. Liquid Jet Breakup with Pneumatic Two-Fluid Nozzles.
    R.D. Ingebo.

7. Optical System for Obtaining Axial Spatial Resolution in Fraunhofer Diffraction Particle Size Measurements.
    E.D. Hirleman and D.J. Holve.

8. Calibration of Single Particle Siting Velocimeters using Photomask Reticles.
    E.q. Hirleman. D.J. Holve. and E.A. Hovenac.

9. A Comparison of Spray Characterization in an Isothermal Chamber and in a Model Gas Turbine Can Combustor.
    C.D. Cameron, J. Brouwer, and G.S. Samuelsen.

10. Application of Phase-Doppler Droplet Sizing Instrumentation to Gas Turbine Nozzles.
    J.B. Kennedy, J.B. McVey. and D.J. Hautman.

11. Measuring Atomizer Droplet Spectra: Rationalizing the Date from Different Sources of Measurement.
    M.W. van Vliet and J.J.C. Picot.

12. Drop Distributions and Air Entrainment in a Hollow-Cone Spray: Experimental versus Modeling Results.
    L. G. Dodge and J.A. Schwab.

13. Influence of Continuous Phase on Fuel Distribution · from a Gas Turbine Air-Blast Atomizer.
    V.G. McDonell and G.S. Samuelsen.

14. Mean Drop Sizes from a Fan Spray Atomizer.
   H.E. Snyder D.W. Senser. and A.H. Lefebvre.

15. Temporally and Spatially Resolved Drop Sizing of Dense Diesel Sprays.
    O.L. Guider.

16. Relation Between: Atomization of Heavy Fuel Oil and Emission of Particulates.
    N. Chigier and C.E. Benson.

17. Atomization Studies of a Gas Turbine Coal-Water Mixture Fuel Injector.
    L.H. Cowell and C.S. Wen.

18. Throttle Body Injection Characteristics.
   J.E. Kirwan. J.A. Drallmeier, R.E. Coverdill, and J.E. Peters.

19. Modeling Atomization Processes in High-Pressure Vaporizing Sprays.
    R.D. Reitz.

20. A Computational Model for the Prediction of Droplet Shapes and the Onset of Bagging.
    M.A. Ruman, L.W. Evers, and E.J. Morgan.

21. A General Theory of the Breakup of Liquid Jets.
    S.P. Lin and Z.W. Liam.