5th ILASS-Americas 1992 in San Ramon, CA

Recent Conference Papers

Program - Monday, May 18
Session I: Spray Combustion
Chairman: Domenic A. Santavicca, Pennsylvania State University
An Experimental Study of Droplet Dispersion in Turbulent Flows
Y.-H. Song and D. A. Santavicca, Pennsylvania State University

Thermal Structure of a Reacting Spray by CARS Thermometry
J. Y. Zhu, J. Y. Tsuruda, W. A. Sowa and G. S. Samuelsen, University of California-Irvine

Phase Doppler Measurements of a Methanol/Air Coaxial Reacting Spray Near the Stabilization Region
P. J. Goix, CNRS Rouen and C. F. Edwards, Sandia National Laboratories

Preliminary Results on the Effect of Acoustic Perturbation on an Atomizing Coaxial Jet
A. Ghafourian, C. Huynh, S. Mahalingam, J. W. Daily, University of Colorado-Boulder

Development of the NASA High Flow Low Research Nozzle
F. T.-Y. Sun, Parker Hannifin Corp. and H. L. Nguyen, NASA Lewis Research Center

Experiments on Bicomponent Droplet Vaporization, I. Gokalp, C. Chauveau
N. Ramos-Arroyo, H. Berrekam, X. Chesneau, Laboratoire de Combustion et Systemes Reactifs
Burning Times of Single Drops of Residual Fuel Oil
F. G. Rodrigues and R. B. Estandia, Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas

Exciplex-Based Vapor/Liquid Visualization Systems Appropriate for Automotive Gasolines
L. A. Melton, The University of Texas at Dallas

Dense Core Region Structure of Transient Diesel Sprays
G. J. Smallwood, . L. and D. R. Snelling, National Research Council, Canada

Relations Between Liquid Jet Atomization and Combustion Instability
H. Eroglu, N. Chigier, U. Shavit and M. Xu, Carnegie Mellon University

An Investigation of Spray Interaction with Large-Scale Eddies
G. Wang, E. J. Bachalo, S. V. Sankar and W. D. Bachalo, Aerometrics, Inc.

Session II: Atomization Processes
Chairman: Paul E. Sojka, Purdue University

Mechanisms of Air-Assisted Liquid Atomization
A. W. Liu and R. D. Reitz, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Effects of Air Turbulence on the Breakup of Coaxial Liquid Jets
U. Shavit, H. Eroglu, and N. Chigier, Carnegie Mellon University

The Influence of Dynamic Surface Tension on Liquid Surface Wave Characteristics and Atomization
H. Eroglu, U. Shavit and N. Chigier, Carnegie Mellon University

Experimental Apparatus for the Study of the Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics of Droplet Impingement
J. D. Naber and P. Farrell, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Impinging Jet Spray Characteristics
R. Washburn and N. Ashgriz, State University of New York at Buffalo

Coal Water Slurry Atomization Using a Twin-Fluid Jet Atomizer
S. C. Tsai, K. Ghazimorad and N. Widjaja, California State University-Long Beach

Correlations for Liquid Round Jet and Flat Sheet Disintegration
H. Eroglu and N. Chigier, Carnegie Mellon University

Spray-Angle Effects on the Continuous Phase and Droplets Downstream of an Engine Combustor Swirl Cup: Mean Quantities
H. Y. Wang, V. G. McDonnell, G. S. Samuelsen, University of California-Irvine

Estimation of Droplet Collision Frequency in a Spray
J. R. Zurlo, University of Wisconsin-Madison, C. Presser and H. G. Semerjian, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Secondary Atomization by High Amplitude Pressure Waves
T. W. Eastes and G. S. Samuelsen, University of California-Irvine

Program - Tuesday, May 19

Session III: Spray Modeling
Chairman: Kenneth D. Marx, Sandia National Laboratories Page
Boundary Layer Stripping Effects on Droplet Convective Vaporization
J.-P. Delplanque and W. A. Sirignano, University of California-Irvine

Numerical Simulation of Collision of Two-Dimensional Drops
J. Y. Poo and N. Ashgriz, State University of New York at Buffalo

Numerical Modeling of Liquid-Metal Droplet Cooling in a Laminar Convective Environment
C. M. Megaridis, The University of Illinois at Chicago

Study of the Velocity Field and Droplet Distribution in a Confined Swirl Flow
J. Xin and K.-J. Choi

A Simplified MEF Drop Size Distribution for Sprays
M. Ahmadi and R. W. Sellens, Queen's University

An Analysis of Fuel and Air Interaction Near Spray Breakup Region in Airblast Atomizers
S. G. Chuech and C. P. Mao, Delavan Gas Turbine Products

Effect of Vaporization and Gas Compressibility on Liquid Jet Breakup
Z. W. Lian and R. D. Reitz, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Effect of Drop Breakup and Drop Drag Coefficient on Spray Penetration
D. Mather, A. B. Liu and R. D. Reitz, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Session IV: Agricultural, Industrial and Coating Sprays
Chairman: Milton E. Teske, Continuum Dynamics, Inc.
The Role of Atomizer Performance in Absorptive Gas Cleaning
A. Bennet, K. Jonasson, A. Lick and T. McCracken, NRC Canada, and P. Singh, Procediar Industries, Ltd.

Drop Rebound from a Small Workpiece with an Air Applicator
J. E. McCarthy Jr. and D. W. Senser, Purdue University

Correlation of the USDA Forest Service Drop Size Distribution Data Base
M. E. Teske and J. W. Barry, Continuum Dynamics, Inc.

Effect of Orifice Wear on Flow Rate, Spray Pattern and Droplet Size Distributions of Fan-Pattern Nozzles
H. E. Ozkan and D. L. Reichard, The Ohio State University

Session V: Instrumentation
Chairman: James A. Drallmeier, University of Missouri-Rolla

Effects of the Single Particle Constraint on the Measurement of Droplet Distribution Functions in a Diesel Spray
K. D. Marx, C. F. Edwards and W. K. Chin, Sandia National Laboratories

Analysis of the Effects of Particle Trajectory on the Performance of a Phase/Doppler Particle Analyzer
S. A. Schaub and D. R. Alexander, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

A Technique for the Measurement of Droplet Distributions on Centimeter Scales
D. Baumgardner and K. Weaver, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Comparison of Phase Doppler Measurements in Research Simplex Atomizer Sprays
V. McDonell, S. Samuelsen, University of California-Irvine, M. Wang, C. Hong and W. Lai, National Chen Kung University

Nozzle Spray Characterization Using Particle Dynamics Analyzer
C. Yurteri, J. R. Kadambi, Case Western Reserve University, and E. Arik, Dantec Electronics, Inc.

Hydrocarbon Vapor Measurements in Two-Phase Flows by Infrared Extinction
T. P. Billings and J. A. Drallmeier, University of Missouri-Rolla

Program - Wednesday, May 20

Session VI: Instrumentation
Chairman: James A. Drallmeier, University of Missouri-Rolla
Interpretation of Exciplex Fluorescence Thermometry Results for Isolated Droplets
J. Zhang and L. A. Melton, The University of Texas at Dallas

Scattering Models for Raman and Fluorescent Particle Temperature Measurement
D. R. Alexander and J. Zhang, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

A General Method to Account for Depth of Field Effects in Particle Imaging
D. G. Talley and M. Hassani, Department of the Air Force

Comparison of a Coaxial Beam Particle Analyzer With a Laser Diffraction Instrument
W. M. Grissom, Phillips Lab/RKOE

Particle Sizing and Velocity Measurements in a Two-Dimensional Field
P. V. Farrell and R. Albert, University of Wisconsin-Madison

A Copper Laser/Drum Camera Imaging System and its Application to Tomographic
Time-Resolved Spray and Combustion Visualization, B. Walder, Oxford Lasers, Ltd.

Session VII: Atomizer Design
Chairman: Chien-Pei Mao, Delavan, Inc.
Flow Regimes in Effervescent Atomization
J. S. Chin and A. H. Lefebvre, Purdue University

Effervescent Atomization at Low Mass Flowrates. Part I: The Influence of Surface Tension
M. T. Lund, P. E. Sojka and A. H. Lefebvre, Purdue University, P. G. Gosselin, Proctor & Gamble

Enhanced Droplet Mixing in an Electrohydrodynamic Spray
J. M. Grace and P. F. Dunn, University of Notre Dame

SMD Measurements of Intermittent Sprays Entrained from Wire Mesh Interface Driven by Parallel Convective Air Flows
K. D. Kihm, B. H. Kim and G. P. Peterson, Texas A&M University

Electrical Power Minimization in an Acoustically Driven Drop Generator
J. L. Dressler Fluid Jet Associates, R. D. Hancock, Wright Patterson AFB, and M. Mains, University of Cincinnati

Effervescent Atomization at Low Mass Flowrates. Part II: The Structure of the Spray
M. T. Lund and P. E. Sojka, Purdue University

ASTM E29.04 Subcommittee Meeting

Photographic and Video Exhibit: Images of Atomization
N. Chigier, H. Eroglu, M. Xu, U. Shavit and A. Mansour, Carnegie Mellon University