8th ILASS-Americas 1995 in Troy, MI

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May 21-24

ILASS-Americas 95 is the eighth annual conference of the Institute of Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, North and South America. As with previous ILASS conferences, its focus is interdisciplinary, covering four main topics:
  • Transfer processes in which liquids are used, including, but not limited to, spray combustion, pesticide application, spray reactors, driers, humidifiers, spray coating, spray cooling and fire-fighting sprays.
  • Fluid mechanics of the disintegration of liquids and the formation of sprays. The theory and implementation of spray modeling.
  • Instrumentation for the measurement of drop size, velocity, concentration, and patternation.
  • The design and operation of liquid atomizers and spray systems. Work presented at the conference is current research on both practical applications and fundamental topics. Extended abstracts of each presentation are compiled in this volume.

    The conference includes a tour of the spray research facilities at the General Motors Research and Development Getter. Special emphasis will be placed on research activities related to optical diagnostics for characterizing fuels sprays and fuel/air mixture preparation. This includes phase Doppler interferometry installations for gasoline port injector sprays and Diesel high-pressure sprays, pulsed laser light sheet and shadow graph video systems, the image processing laboratory, copper-vapor-laser imaging of exciplex fluorescence in fuel sprays, cold start evaluation of fuel spray effects, and other activities.

    ILASS-Americas Chair: Scott Samuelsen, University of California, Irvine
    ILASS Vice Chair: Jan Kennedy, United Technologies Research Center
    Program Chair: Josette Beilan, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Local Arrangements Chair: David Harrington, General Motors Research and Development
    Exhibit Coordinator: Donald Moran, Delphi Energy & Engine Management Systems

  • Program Notes & Special Events

  • A Welcoming Reception and Registration will be held between 6 and 9 pm on Sunday. All conference participants and their guests are invited to attend.
  • The Registration and Conference Coordinator's desk will be located adjacent to the main session room. A Message Board will be available for communication between participants.
  • A Manufacturer's Display and Poster Exhibit will be held each day of the conference. Manufacturers of spray and diagnostic equipment who are participating include:
      · Aerometrics, Inc.                         · Insitec Measurement Systems
      · Clean Air Systems                         · Photonics Analysis
      · Dantec Measurement Technology             · TSI, Inc.
  • A Continental Breakfast will be served in the Manufacturer's Display and Poster Area each day of the conference. Participants may register for the conference at this time or at the welcoming reception.
  • The Editorial Board of Atomization and Sprays, the official journal of ILASS-Americas, will meet at lunch on Monday at a location to be announced.
  • ILASS-Americas Board of Directors Meetings will be held from 1 to 5 pm on Sunday and at dinner on Monday
  • Two Tutorial Workshops will be held on Sunday evening from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. The first is entitled "The Physics of Atomization. The second is entitled "Imaging Diagnostics for Sprays. Based on a town-hall format, each tutorial will begin with select presentations with the majority of time dedicated to open discussion. All are invited to attend, enjoy, and contribute.
  • Technical Committee Meetings will be held from 5:30 to 7 pm on Monday and 2:00 to 3:30 pm on Tuesday. Participants are strongly encouraged to join those Technical Committees with which their interests are aligned. Please contact the committee chairs for further information. The days and chairs of the various meetings are:

      Committee:                             Chair. Co-Chair(s):
      Agricultural Sprays                    Andrew Hewitt, Ken Giles
      Boiler/Furnace/Incinerator             Chris Edwards, Steve Londerville
      Diesel & Automotive                    Rolf Reitz, Dave Harrington
      Industrial Sprays                      Chuck Lipp, Paul Sojka
      Materials                              David Leon, Enrique Lavernia
      Propulsion (Gas Turbines/Rockets)      Ted Koblish, Curt Scheuerman, Doug Talley
      Physics of Atomization                 Norman Chigier, Andy Gaynor
      Spray Measurements & Instrumentation   Scott Samuelsen, Chien-Pei Mao
      Spray Modeling                         Josette Bellan, Nader Rizk

    Buses for the General Motors Research and Development Center tour will leave at 3:30 pm on Tuesday from the front of the hotel. Return time for the evening sessions is 7:00 pm.
  • The ILASS-Americas Annual Business Meeting will be held during the banquet on Tuesday. All are encouraged to attend.
  • Following the conference, the ASTM E29.04 Subcommittee on Liquid Particle Characterization will hold a one and one-half day meeting. Thfs ASTM committee is involved in writing standards on particle terminology, data processing, imaging and non-imaging instrumentation, and reticule calibration equipment. Members and visitors are welcome. Any persons interested in the activities of this committee should contact the chairman, Mr. Thomas Bassett, through the message board.
  • Commercial Airport Shuttle Buses for the return trip to the Detroit airport on Wednesday will be organized by the conference coordinators. Please notify them of your interest and scheduling requirements at registration.

  • Program -- Monday, May 22, 1995
    Continental Breakfast, Registration, Posters, and Exhibits Page
    Welcoming Remarks
    Invited Presentation: The Non-Aerosol Haircare Business: A Growing Need for Atomization Technology, J. Baniac and A. Gaynor, Calmar Dispensing Systems
    SessionI. Industrial Sprays
    Chair: C. F. Edwards, Sandia National Laboratories
    Drop Size Modification in Black Liquor Sprays from Commercial Nozzles Using Vibratory Assist, H.J. Empie, S.J. Lien, and W. Yang, Institute of Paper Science and Technology

    The Evaporation Rates of Agricultural Spray Material, M.E. Teske, Continuum Dynamics Inc., and R.L. Hill, Dow Elanco

    Vaporization of Droplets Formed after Fuel Jettisoning from Aircraft, T.H. Runge, C.E. Polymeropoulos, Rutgers University, and M.E. Teske, Continuum Dynamics Inc.

    Break, Exhibits, and Posters
    Measurement Techniques for Simulated Agricultural Sprays Produced by Ground Sprayers Using Number Density-Weighted Sampling Techniques, A.J. Hewitt, Stewart Agricultural Research Services, and D.L. Valcore, Dow Elanco

    Super-Leidenfrost Spray Cooling: A Solution to the Problem of Controlled High-Temperature, High-Flux Heat Extraction, C. F. Edwards and D. W. Hahn, Sandia National Laboratories

    Interaction Between Pilot Pressure Swirl and Main Prefilming Sprays of Hybrid Airblast Atomizer, J.S. Chin, N.K. Rizk, and M. K. Razdan, Allison Engine Company

    Spray Synthesis of Superplastic Materials for Near-Net-Shape Manufacturing, Y. Wu and E.J. Lavernia, University of California, Irvine

    Lunch Break, Exhibits, and Posters
    SessionII. Atomization: Measurements 1
    Chair: N. Chigier, Carnegie Mellon University
    Measurement of Extensional Viscosity by the Stretching of Viscoelastic Liquid Columns, D. Calvo and N. Chigier, Carnegie Mellon University

    The Instability of an Inviscid Annular Liquid Sheet Subject to Two-Dimensional Disturbances, M. Panchagnula, P. Santangelo, and P.E. Sojka, Purdue University

    The Effect of Jet Diameter, Velocity, and Viscosity on the Formation of Satellite Droplets, C. Thanomsat, U. Shavit, and N. Chigier, Carnegie Mellon University

    The Air Flow Field in the Liquid Breakup Region, U. Shavit and N. Chigier, Carnegie Mellon University

    Photographic Investigation of Gas Efficient Liquid Atomization (GELA), H.E. Snyder and R.D. Reitz, University of Wisconsin, Madison

    Break, Exhibits and Posters
    Effervescent Atomization at Low Air-Liquid Ratios, J. Sutherland, M. Panchagnula, P.E. Sojka, M.W. Plesniak, and J.P. Gore, Purdue University

    Unsteadiness in Effervescent Sprays, J.T.K. Luong and P.E. Sojka, Purdue University

    Development and Characterization of an Annular-Orifice, Pressure-Swirl, Effervescent Atomizer, S.V. Sankar, C.P. Szarek, R.C. Rudoff, and W.D. Bachalo, Aerometrics, Inc., and D.M. Robart, PSA Peugeot Citroen

    Reactive Spray Characteristics of an Annular-Orifice, Pressure-Swirl, Effervescent Atomizer, S.V. Sankar and W.D. Bachalo, Aerometrics, Inc., and D.M. Robart, PSA Peugeot Citroen
    5:30 - 7:00 pm
    Technical Committee Meetings

    Program - Tuesday, May 23 1995
    Continental Breakfast, Registration, Posters, and Exhibits
    Invited Presentation: Research and Development Needs in Paints and Spray Coatings, S. S. Labana, Ford Research Laboratory

    Session III. Paint and Coating Sprays
    Chair: S. J. Pien, Aluminum Company of America
    Modeling of Spray Forming Process for Aluminum Sheet and Plate, S.J. Pien and R.L. Kozarek, Aluminum Company of America

    Use and Characterization of Linear Nozzles for Spray Forming, D.D. Leon and R.L. Kozarek, Aluminum Company of America

    Coating Performance Characteristics of Decompressive Atomization with Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, K.A. Nielsen, Union Carbide Corporation

    Break, Exhibits, and Posters
    10: 15
    Droplet Dynamics in Shear Flows and Impacting Behaviors on a Solid Surface, J.S. Hong and K.J. Choi, Drexel University

    Session IV. Atomization Modeling
    Chair: N. Ashgriz, State University of New York at Buffalo
    Developments in Nonlinear Modeling of Atomization Processes, J. H. Hilbing and S.D. Heister, Purdue University

    Nonlinear Capillary Kelvin Melmholtz Waves On Thin Liquid Sheets, W.A.Sirignano and C. Mehring, University of California, Irvine

    Damping Oscillations of Liquid Drops with Internal Circulation, F. Mashayek and N. Ashgriz, State University of New York at Buffalo

    Break, Exhibits, and Posters

    Modeling Turbulence Primary Breakup and Its Application In Director-Plate-Compounded Port Injectors, A. Amer, T-H. Chue, F-Q. ulao, and M-C. Lai, Wayne State University

    Session V. Diesel
    Chair: P. V. Farrell, University of Wisconsin - Madison
    Diesel Spray Behavior Under Cold-Starting Condition, M-C. Lai, N.A. Henein, X. Xie, T-H. Chue, and Y. Itoh, Wayne State University, and W. Bryzik, U.S. TACOM

    Fuel and Nozzle Entrance Geometry Effects on High Pressure Diesel Injection, T.F. Su and P.V. Farrell, University of Wisconsin - Madison

    Development of NOx and Soot Models for Multidimensional Diesel Combustion, G.J. Hampson and R.D. Reitz, University of Wisconsin - Madison
    Session VI. Modeling 1
    Chair: S. D. Heister, Purdue University
    Modeling Diesel Injector Internal Flows, Y. Chen and S.D. Heister, Purdue University

    A Model for Coupled Transient Atomization and Spray Dynamics in Diesel Engines, M.G. Giridharan, S. Kumar, and A.J. Przekwas, CFD Research Corporation

    Analysis and Sampling of Droplet Distributions, M.Z. Pindera, CFD Research Corporation

    Banquet and Annual Business Meeting
    Technical Committee Meetings
    General Motors Research and Development Center Tour and Dinner
    Return for Evening Sessions

    Program -- Tuesday Evening, May 23 1995
    Session VII. Atomization: Measurements 2
    Chair: R. D. Reitz, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    7:30 pm
    A Photographic Study of the Breakup of High Speed Vaporizing Drops, S.S; Hwang and R.D. Reitz, University of Wisconsin-Madison

    Dynamic Properties of Secondary Breakup, L-P. Hsiang, W-H. Chou, and G.M. Faeth, The University of Michigan

    Aspirating Simplex Spray Nozzle, C-P. Mao, Delavan Gas Turbine Products Division, Coltec Industries Inc.

    Hydrodynamic Behaviors of Electrically-Charged Sprays in an Open Space, M. Syed and K.J. Choi, Drexel University

    Spray Behavior and Droplet Dynamics of a Small Diameter Orifice Spray System, C. Hung and J.K. Martin, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Session VIII. Interaction of Drops with Flow
    Chair: C. T. Crowe, Washington State University
    7:30 pm
    Estimation of Droplet Drag and Acceleration in Swirling Spray Flames, C. Presser, National Institute of Standards and Technology, A.K. Gupta, University of Maryland, J.T. Hedges, National Institute of Standards and Technology, C.T. Avedisian, Cornell University

    Comparison Between Rigid Sphere Drag Models and Droplet Drag Coefficients Under Realistic Spray Conditions, A. Mansour and N. Chigier, Carnegie Mellon University

    Fluid-Droplet Interaction in Large Scale Turbulent Structures, S. Wang, C.T. Crowe, T.R. Troutt, and J.N. Chung, Washington State University

    Cluster Combustion of Binary-Fuel Drops, J. Bellan and K. Harstad, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    Spray Penetration and Dispersion from a Radial Airblast Injector in a Subsonic Crossflow, J.E. Seay, V.G. McDonell, S.W. Lee, and G.S. Samuelsen, University of California, Irvine