18th ILASS-Americas 2005 in Irvine, CA

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Monday - May 23

7:00 AM - Breakfast
7:45 AM - Welcome

8:00 AM - Arthur Lefebvre Memorial Lecture: N. Chigier, Carnegie Mellon University

8:50 AM - Break

Crossflow Atomization
Numerical Techniques
  Chairpersons: C. Edwards, Stanford University and S. M. Jeng University of Cincinnati   Chairpersons: S. L. Post, Michigan
Technological University and J. Bellan, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
9:00 AM Session 1A / 1
A Comparative Study on Modeling Nonlinear Capillary Wave Growth on a Semi-Infinite, Viscous, Circular Liquid Jet
Y. Huang, S. Zhu, The Boeing Company
  Session 1B / 1
Analyzing the Results of Droplet Impact Simulation by Volume of Fluid Methods: Physics or Numerical Errors?
S. B. Johnson, J.-P. Delplanque, University of California - Davis
9:25 AM Session 1A / 2
Effects of Injection Angle on Structures of Aerated-Liquid Jets in Supersonic Crossflow
K.-C. Lin, Taitech, Inc., D. R. Dixon, C. D. Carter, T. A. Jackson, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB, R. A. Anthenien, Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson AFB
  Session 1B / 2
A New Formulation of Interface Equation for Volume Tracking on Arbitrary Meshes
A.Jafari, N. Ashgriz, University Toronto
9:50 AM Session 1A / 3
Some Observations of Liquid Jet Injected in Crossflow
B. J. Masuda, R. L. Hack, V. G. McDonell, University of California, Irvine, G. W. Oskam, D. J. Cramb, Solar Turbines, Inc.
  Session 1B / 3
An Interface Tracking Method with Moving Mesh for Simulation of Three-Dimensional Two-Phase Flows
S. Quan, D. P. Schmidt, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
10:15 AM
  Chairpersons: J. P. Delplanque, University of California, Davis and D. L. S. Hung, Visteon Corporation   Chairpersons: J. Drallmeier University of Missouri-Rolla and R. Madabhushi, United Technologies Research Center
10:30 AM Session 2A / 1
An Experimental Study of Non-Newtonian Atomization
L. Li, D. M. Dressler, S. I. Green, M. H. Davy, University of British Columbia
  Session 2B / 1
Direct Numerical Simulation of Plane Liquid Sheet Atomization: a Parametric Study
F. Couderc, J.-L. Estivalezes, ONERA, Toulouse
10:55 AM Session 2A / 2
Experimental Investigation of the Air Entrainment Characteristics Within the Periphery of a Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) Spray by PIV
L. de Francqueville, B. Thirouard, V. Ricordeau, J. Chérel, L. Hermant, IFP, N. Tourteaux PSA Peugeot-Citroën, C. Dognin, Renault SA
  Session 2B / 2
DNS of Turbulent Primary Atomization Using a Level Set/Vortex Sheet Method
M. Herrmann, Stanford University,
11:20 AM Session 2A / 3
Eulerian-Lagrangian Spray Atomization (ELSA) Model: Slip Velocity and Vaporization Modeling in in Diesel Engine Conditions
R. Lebas, G. Blokkeel, PSA Peugeot Citroen, P.-A. Beau, F.-X. Demoulin, CNRS UMR
  Session 2B / 3
Simulations of Liquid Jet Breakup with a Lattice Boltzmann Model
M. E. McCracken, J. Abraham, Purdue University
11:45 AM Session 2A / 4
Naturally Induced Oscillation in Twin-Fluid Atomizers
V. Mehdi-Nejad, Simulent Inc., F. Farhadi and N. Ashgriz, University of Toronto
  Session 2B / 4
Numerical Studies of the Break-up of Impinging Liquid Jets
Nathan Barlow, Brian T. Helenbrook, Sung P. Lin, Clarkson University
12:10 PM
Lunch Break  
Spray Modeling
  Chairpersons: W. A. Sirignano, University of California, Irvine and S. Subramaniam, Iowa State University   Chairpersons: W. Bachalo, Artium Technologies, Inc and T. Parker, Colorado School of Mines
1:30 PM Session 3A / 1
Population Balance Formulation for CFD Modeling of Turbulent Sprays
D. M. Kirpalani and T.W. McCracken, National Research Council of Canada
  Session 3B / 1
Dense Spray Analysis using Optical Measurements and Monte Carlo Simulation
E. Berrocal, I. V. Meglinski, Cranfield University, M. C. Jermy, University of Canterbury
1:55 PM Session 3A / 2
A Priori Testing of Subgrid Stress Models for Euler-Euler Two-Phase LES from Euler-Lagrange Simulations of Gas-Particle Turbulent Flow
M. Moreau, B. Bedat, O. Simonin, Institut de Mecanique des Fluides de Toulouse
  Session 3B / 2
Ballistic Imaging of the Liquid Core for a Jet in Cross-Flow
M. Linne, M. E. Paciaroni, D. Sedarsky, Lund Institute of Technology, J. R. Gord, Air Force Research Laboratory, T. R. Meyer, Innovative Scientific Solutions, Inc.
2:20 PM Session 3A / 3
LES-Style Filtering and Partly-Resolved Particles.
B. Moses, C. Edwards, Stanford University
  Session 3B / 3
Experimental Measurement and Correction of Attenuation of Signal Light in Optical Characterization of Dense Sprays
F. Moukaideche, E. Berrocal, D. A. Greenhalgh, Cranfield University, M. C. Jermy, University of Canterbury
2:45 PM Session 3A / 4
A Priori Analysis of Subgrid-Scale Models for Large Eddy Simulations of Supercritical Binary-Species Mixing Layers
N. Okong'o, J. Bellan, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  Session 3B / 4
Near-Field Characterization of Direct Injection Gasoline Sprays from Multi-Hole Injector Using Ultrafast X-Tomography
X. Liu, S.-K. Cheong, C. F. Powell, J. Wang, Argonne National Laboratory, D. L. S. Hung, J. R. Winkelman, Visteon Corporation, M. W. Tate, A. Ercana, D. R. Schuettea, L. Koernera, S. M. Grunera, Cornell University
3:10 PM 
Automotive Sprays
  Chairpersons: N. Ashgriz, University Toronto and D. P. Schmidt, University of Massachusetts, Amherst   Chairpersons: R. D. Reitz, University of Wisconsin-Madison, R. Schick, Spraying Systems Co.
3:25 PM Session 4A / 1
Droplet Phase Change in Supercritical Conditions
M. F. Trujillo, Pennsylvania State University, D. J. Torres, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  Session 4B / 1
Tailoring the Spray Pattern of Multi-hole Fuel Injectors for Gasoline DI Engine Homogeneous-Charge Combustion
D. L. S. Hung, J. P. Mara, J. R. Winkelman, Visteon Corporation
3:50 PM  Session 4A / 2
Experimental Investigation on Splashing and Fingerlike Instability of Large Water Droplets
S. S. Yoon, R. A. Jepsen, T. J. O'Hern, Sandia National Laboratory
  Session 4B / 2
Experimental Investigation of Fuel Pressure Influence on Droplet Size and Velocity for a Gasoline Multi-Hole Direct Injection Injector Spray Under Vaporizing Conditions in a Constant Pressure Chamber
P. Dahlander, I. Denbratt, Chalmers University of Technology
4:15 PM Session 4A / 3
Two Fluid VOF Simulation of Droplet Impact on a Liquid Pool
A. B. Oliver, C. S. Lengsfeld, University of Denver, S. B. Johnson, J.-P. Delplanque, University of California, Davis
  Session 4B / 3
Time Resolved X-Ray Measurements of Diesel Sprays at Elevated Ambient Pressure
E. M. EL-Hannouny, S. Gupta, C. F. Powell, S.-K. Cheong, J. Wang, Argonne National Laboratory
4:40 PM Technical Meetings:
Computation and Modeling

5:40 PM - Close 1st Day
6:30 PM - Executive Board Dinner
8:30 PM - End EBD

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