ILASS International: The Institutes for Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems

The journal ''Atomization and Sprays''

The best papers of the regional ILASS and the joint ICLASS conferences as well as novel research in the field of Atomization and Sprays should be submitted to the Journal Atomization and Sprays, which is published by Begell House Inc. There are three regional editors of the Journal, one from each ILASS Institute, who handle the papers. Founding editor is Professor Norman Chigier.


Each regional ILASS Institute is represented by an editor-in-chief. Founding editor is Professor Norman Chigier (ILASS-Americas). The present editors-in-chief are:

  • ILASS-Americas: Marcus Herrmann
  • ILASS-Asia: David L.S. Chung
  • ILASS-Europe: Marcus Marengo