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Tanasawa Award: Committee Chairs and Awardees

The Yasusi Tanasawa Award is presented for the best paper from the ICLASS conferences.

Chairs of the Tanasawa Award Committees

K. Kobayasi (in Tokyo, Japan, 1978)
K. Kobayasi (in Madison, WI, USA, 1982)
K. Kobayasi (in London, UK, 1985)
N. Chigier (in Sendai, Japan,1988)
S. Zanelli (in Gaithersburg, MD, USA, 1991)
H. Hashimoto (in Rouen, France, 1994)
J. Kennedy (in Seoul, Korea, 1997)
A. Yule (in Pasadena, CA, USA, 2000)
H. Fujimoto (in Sorrento, Italy, 2003)
W. D. Bachalo (in Kyoto, Japan, 2006)
C. Dumouchel (in Vail, CO, USA, 2009)
J. Senda (in Heidelberg, Germany, 2012)
M. Herrmann (in Tainan, Taiwan, 2015)
U. Fritsching (in Chicago, IL, USA, 2018)

     Professor Y. Tansasawa

Winners of the Tanasawa Award