ILASS International: The Institutes for Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems

Hiroyuki Hiroyasu Award

The late emeritus professor, Hiroyuki Hiroyasu had been one of the greatest leaders in the academic society of liquid atomization and spray systems. His academic achievements concerning diesel spray and educational contributions for spray researchers had been well known. He was the organizing member of the first (ICLASS-78) and the second (ICLASS-82) as the cosmopolitan negotiator in the conference committees. He managed the Tanasawa Award (Secretary: 1984-1996, Chairperson: 1997-2011). Then he became the president of ILASS-International (1995-1997). Thus, He was a founding member of ILASS-International.

Since the establishment and development of ILASS-International were greatly attributed to his contribution, here, his leadership achievement concerning the organization was intertwined with the history of ILASS International. Also, as well known, his many attractive diesel spray research articles have been referenced frequently worldwide. His research achievement and commitment to ILASS was extraordinary, but also Prof. Hiroyasu was a predominant educator/supervisor of young researchers. He pointed them into new directions of atomization and spray research.

After his passing away, the ILASS-Asia decided in 2017 to propose an international award in his memory. To memorialize his achievement and to follow his educational challenge, ILASS-International organization should establish the award for young researchers to encourage their research activities. The Hiroyasu Award is bestowed by ILASS-International upon a researcher less than 40 years old (on the first day of ICLASS) who has conducted distinguished, continuing and encouraging contributions to the field of atomization and sprays. It will normally be announced at the banquet of ICLASS and consists of a gift and a certificate to be presented by the President of ILASS International and the chair of the Hiroyasu Award Committee.

              Professor Hiroyuki Hiroyasu