ILASS International: The Institutes for Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems

Norman Chigier Award

The Chigier award is given to the best reviewer of a given year. Both quantity and quality are considered. The awardee is selected by the three editors of the Journal Atomization and Sprays. It is awarded annually, ideally at the awardee’s regional ILASS conference or ICLASS. The award consists of a plaque. The list of awardees is:

  • 2017: Antonio Lozano
  • 2016: David P. Schmidt & Mario F. Trujillo
  • 2015: Günter Brenn
  • 2014: Sibendu Som & Qingluan Xue
  • 2013: Ana Moita
  • 2012: Udo Fritsching & Eran Sher
  • 2011: Guillermo Aguilar & Marcus Herrmann